Tammy Adams



Bridging the Gap between Business Modeling and SOA

I’ve found topics to be more interesting if I can apply them to something or someone I’m familiar with. If a relative has cancer, I’ll listen more intently to news items about cancer treatment. If a friend is moving to Mexico, I’ll think about international events in a slightly different light. I...

The Other BPM: Being Productive in Meetings

Have you ever been involved in a process improvement or redesign effort that didn’t require a meeting?  Neither have I.  Meetings are a necessary mechanism for exchanging information, confirming progress, creatively developing deliverables or solutions, making decisions, and...

Getting Team Involvement in Process Change

If you've worked in the corporate world for any length of time, you've probably experienced a merger or acquisition somewhere along the way. Personally, I've gone through five in 15 years (which may have been a contributing factor to starting my own business). Each time I've been bothered...

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