Dr. Mathias Kirchmer



Digital Transformation: Value-Driven, Process-Led, and Data-Based

What makes a digital transformation successful? Most organizations have started, or have at least planned, their digital transformation journey [0] [1]. These organizations expect to increase their performance drastically by leveraging digital technologies. However, many of those businesses...

Business Process Governance - More Effective through Digitalization

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Process Governance Most companies have launched digital transformation initiatives (Kirchmer, Franz, Lotterer, Antonucci, Laengle, 2016). Hyper-Automation has become a reality which changes the way business processes are organized and executed (Stoudt-Hansen...

Business Process Management in a Digital World - Trends and Predictions

Most organizations have started or at least planned digital transformation initiatives [12]. New digital tools are available with increasing regularity - and many of them have the potential for a major impact on business processes. Hyper-Automation has become a reality which changes the way...

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