Ian Gotts



Customer Experience: Expectation & Execution

Process maps are a valuable way to identify waste and streamline operations. This is especially important as every organization has accelerated their digital transformation efforts. In the first few months when COVID-19 drove every customer online, they were happy with a patchy digital experience....

Operational Excellence 2.0: Invented in Silicon Valley?

I have spent the last 30 years evangelizing about the importance of well understood processes. We formalized the UPN (Universal Process Notation) approach which was based on SSADM. And we built a process mapping software vendor in the UK which was acquired by US process automation player and I now...

The evolution of process diagramming (i.e. why flowcharts are so 1980's)

Every business analyst and consultant has drawn a flowchart at some point in their career. Many probably still are.  Type "flowchart" into Google and you get 75 million results. Type "horse and cart" into Google and you get 380 million results. But the car has superseded the horse and...

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