Barbara von Halle



Business Analysis Certificate Program Features The Decision Model

REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) is a member owned co-op, selling outdoor recreation gear, sporting goods, and clothes via some 125 retail stores in about 30 states, catalogs, and the Internet.  Charles specializes in requirements facilitation workshops, root...

Lessons from the Human Brain in Decision Making

I am not a poker player.  This is probably wise since my grandfather lost the family farm one night in a poker game.  Sadly, as the story goes, he never won it back.  This caused me to wonder how he made the decision to bet the farm on a game.  Which decision-making...

OMG Seeking Decision Model Notation Standard

A lot has happened in the last year regarding The Decision Model. In November 2009, our book described the formalism and usage of The Decision Model (von Halle and Goldberg, 2009, Taylor & Francis LLC, The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking business and Technology). Since then,...

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