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Get Ready for Extreme Competition: The Business Case for BPM

BPM at Work: Improving Property Management Processes at a Large R&D Facility

Business Process Management: Aligning IT Execution With Business Goals

Business Process Management improves business and IT alignment by converting business requirements into IT implementations. Join us in this webinar to learn about new trends in Business Process Management and how you can benefit from business process integration. You'll also learn how to model and compose portable business processes on top of heterogeneous applications using Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) with Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Popkin software.

BPM - Taking it to the Next Level

There is significant increased interest in applying Business Process Management (BPM) technology to solve business problems. Not surprisingly, an increasing number of technical and business people alike are asking how to take BPM applications to the next level. This presentation will outline the pros and cons of the two principal methods of taking BPM from small-scale departmental applications to enterprise level applications; the bubble-up and the enterprise-view approaches. The following aspects of each approach will be addressed: scope of effort, key considerations, benefits and pitfalls.

Optimize Your Vision: Aligning Your IT Portfolio and Business Strategy

Comprehensive process design is the foundation for improved efficiencies in process management practices. Aligning the IT Portfolio to the Business Strategy helps deliver value to the business and support an agile enterprise.

Defining a Baseline for Improvement

BPM: Taking it to the Next Level

BPM Essentials - Best Practices, Navigating the Pitfalls, Key Emerging Trends and the 6 Critical BPM Fundamentals

Don't miss this candid discussion with Jon Pyke, BPM veteran, Chair of the Workflow Management Coalition (, the former Chief Technology Officer for Staffware prior to its acquisition by Tibco and currently the Sr. VP of Technology Strategy at Global 360.

Building a Performance Centric Business Process Management Initiative

What Oracle, SAP and others won't tell you about leveraging your existing application investments The excitement in business process management has settled back down to the practical reality of improving performance from your business processes. Critical to achieve this mandate is to have a program and plan for process improvement. This educational session will help you understand how to apply BI and Performance Management to your business processes. What Oracle, SAP and others won't tell you about leveraging your existing application investments

Blueprint of a Service-Oriented Architecture

For those assessing Service-Oriented Architectures as a direction for their company, this Webinar is the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into what skills, knowledge and investment is required to develop an enterprise quality SOA. The SOA Blueprint is a model for analyzing your company’s readiness for developing service-based software. SOA is more than just Web Services, the Blueprint investigates areas of supporting readiness, such as security, governance, policy creation and management, network architecture, etc.