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Getting Started With BPM

The importance of having an efficient system of business processes to drive an organization may seem like basic principle. If a business isn’t running efficiently, it may not be realizing or maximizing its financial, market coverage or other strategic goals. In a recent survey of 1,400 CIOs by Gartner Executive Programs, the top business priority identified by CIOs was business process improvement1. For individuals or organizations that are being asked to investigate process improvement, Business Process Management or BPM is a term that frequently associated with the process improvement.

Bridging Business Models to System Implementation

In order to be successful, you need to understand your business and gracefully evolve that understanding into the design and implementation of your business systems. Application development and implementation starts with the business (or enterprise) and ends with an implemented set of system applications and components. This paper describes the Metastorm approach and technology for using enterprise modeling in the modern application development and implementation life-cycle.

Making the Case for BPM - A Benefits Checklist

There are many options for improving business processes ­ ranging from complete process re-engineering to adopting new process management methodologies or adding new capabilities to existing systems. Lombardi customers believe that BPM is the best investment a company can make in establishing a platform for continuous process improvement.This paper provides a checklist of BPM benefits and will guide you in making the business case for investing in BPM to drive process improvement.

Achieve Business Process Analysis Success by Combining the Simplicity of Microsoft Visio® with the Power of Telelogic System Architect®

Telelogic System Architect/Process IntegratorTM is a creative and unique solution that allows Visio modelers to continue to work with their preferred program while bringing their models under the wider and more powerful business analysis umbrella of System Architect. These models become available to business and enterprise architects who are involved in a core business improvement or enterprise architecture initiative that align IT with business needs. This paper shows how you can achieve business process analysis success by creating a modeling environment for everyone.

Effective Case Management

Almost all government and commercial organizations practice some form of case management. The "Effective Case Management" white paper defines case management, explains how case management is conducted today in many government agencies, and reveals how to overcome the challenges associated with administrative, investigative, and litigative case management.

Getting Started with Business Process Management

The set of ideas, tools, and techniques that deal with business processes, known in short as Business Process Management (BPM), has been around for a couple of decades. Even though forward-thinking professionals in business and IT recognize the importance of BPM, it does not get the mainstream attention it deserves. Large-scale ERP and client/server implementations absorb the attention of IT departments and distract the innovators.

Optimize the Business Outcome of SOA

Gartner states that SOA requires new processes around governance, development and operation. Creating these new processes is clearly a risky endeavor. This whitepaper summarizes the business benefits of adopting SOA, the obstacles that must be overcome and HP's approach to SOA. HP addresses the unique challenges of SOA across lifecycle, from planning to inception to deployment. HP combines an integrated solution for SOA governance, quality and management combined with services that take you from planning and management to successful deployment and management.

Achieving a Single Customer View with an SOA

Businesses have been fighting the battle of poorly integrated customer data for decades. Most are aware that the lack of integrated data about their customers can impact customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, and ultimately the bottomline. This executive paper takes a closer look at the impacts of dispersed customer information and the potential benefits of implementing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and building composite applications to gain a single customer view.

Five Ways BPM Can Improve Complex Sales

Enterprises that practice complex sales often struggle with processes like proposal, quote, and contract generation and approval and other sales support processes that turn prospects into customers. BPM provides an avenue for these organizations to improve sales processes by automating standard operating procedures and proposal/quote and contract generation and enabling real-time sales process change management.

EMC Documentum Process Suite: A Detailed Review

Today's enterprises face a common challenge: optimizing business processes and their operational effectiveness.  To meet this challenge, EMC created the EMC Documentum Process Suite, a comprehensive business process management solution for analyzing, modeling, orchestrating, and optimizing a wide range of enterprise processes involving people, systems, content, and data.This white paper is intended for business executives and CIOs who are responsible for improving the quality and efficiency of business operations.  Readers will gain insight into the following topics: