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CIO perspective: To be great at IT, you mustbe great at BPM

Read this paper for expert insights on Business Process Management (BPM) from Toby Redshaw, the Group CIO that is leading a successful BPM program at Aviva plc, the world's fifth-largest insurance group. The remarks contained here were made during Toby's keynote presentation at the Lombardi Driven 2009 User Conference.

Decision Matrix: Selecting a Business Process Management Vendor (Competitor Focus)

Read the analyst report “Decision Matrix: Selecting a Business Process Management Vendor”, and learn why Progress Savvion made the short list of BPM vendors.

Business process management (BPM) software solutions – often called "suites" – are one of the hottest areas in BPM, but choosing the right BPM solution for your organization may be a daunting task. Ovum, an industry analyst firm, recently conducted a research project that measures BPM vendors across three critera: market impact, end-user sentiment and technology offering.

Actionable Business Architecture

Interviews from over a thousand CEOs in 2008 shows organizations are bombarded by change, and many are struggling to keep up1. CEOs view increasingly demanding customers not as a threat, but as an opportunity to differentiate. They are moving aggressively toward global business designs with deeply changing capabilities and increased flexibility. The gap between their capability to manage change and the challenge ahead is growing. CEOs expect fundamental change, but they seem uncertain about their organization’s ability to manage it. Business pressures are compounding as IT constraints are growing.

Defining Requirements for a Business Architecture Standard

As enterprises continue to deploy business architecture capabilities, the need for a consistent, cohesive understanding of business architecture is growing increasingly critical. Frameworks, methodologies and tools will continue to evolve, but practices and technologies must be based on a solid foundation. This white paper promotes a common understanding of business architecture. The discussion defines the essence of the business architecture, how it relates to IT architecture, the importance of business architecture standardization, and a roadmap for achieving standardization.

Complete BPM in the Cloud

The Fujitsu InterstageBPM.com SolutionInterstageBPM.com provides organizations with secure Internet access to the world-class Fujitsu Interstage(r) Business Process Management (BPM) platform - without needing to install or maintain hardware, software, or network infrastructure.

Retailers Gain Fast Payback and Long-Term Value with Business Process Management

Retailers around the world are at in important inflection point. Pressure emanating from the global economic downturn has only exacerbated an already tough, competitive environment. Retailers are making business decisions today that will have far-reaching ramifications. It is clear that those that identify how to increase information technologies' impact on business performance, reducing costs and increasing revenue, will have a tactical and strategic advantage.

The business value of event processing: preparing the path

Today, organizations are taking advantage of the "real time" availability of electronic events, and using event processing technology to both improve operational business efficiency, and drive business optimization – instrumenting and analyzing business activity to drive decisions radically more transparently and efficiently.

BPM & EA - Two Smart Investments in a Recession

The glory days seem far behind as stock prices fall, retail sales plummet, budgets are cut and global markets struggle. Both businesses and government organizations are looking for ways to dramatically reduce costs, do more with less and basically just survive the economic storm.

Most companies are using what seems to be a logical approach – cut, cut, cut. Cut people, cut budgets, cut travel, switch to lower cost suppliers – anything that results in an immediate reduction to expenses.

How To Scale Your Process Documentation Initiative

Strong, visible sponsorship is essential for an initiative of this nature to succeed – you will require time and effort from a large number of people across the business. This weekly meeting creates a definite time commitment on the executive’s schedule, keeps them engaged, and is essential to the initiative’s success. Each week, you will get push back from groups who are busy "fighting fires" and may not want to prioritize your process documentation initiative. Utilize this meeting to place executive pressure on those groups to ensure commitment is kept.

Cloud Community Eases The Path To BPM For Business Users

IBM BPM BlueWorks is cloud-based community with resources to help business leaders link strategy and execution. Users can tap into content and tools that support any stage of process analysis — from learning about BPM to collaborating with the community, experiencing BPM and optimizing processes. At each stage, users have access to pre-built BPM content, processes and contributions from BPM experts and users worldwide. BPM BlueWorks is available at no-cost, making it easy for any business to get started with BPM.