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7 Steps To BPM Success

This paper provides the reader with a 7 Step model that seeks to suggest
ways in which organisations can maximise their business returns. The
model sets out to blend the benefits of non-technology approaches with
the more technological ones.

Case Study: Improve Service Quality By Automating Document Processing

Nearly 55 million people depend on the French National Health Insurance Fund, CNAMTS. Learn how CNAMTS leverages case management to reduce paper and processing times while improving service quality.

Download this case study and learn:
  • How document capture helps speed processing and eliminate errors
  • The key steps that drive workflow acceleration
  • How case management supports worker decisions by providing information in context

Implementing Process Modeling from Scratch

This white paper describes concepts and techniques for unraveling business complexity to arrive at trusted and well-managed process models. Various aids to process analysis and modeling are examined, including the role of a repository to improve organization and governance of the model information.

How to Plan and Design for Case Management Projects

This white paper discusses:
  • Increase process efficiency with automated solutions that employ composition rather than custom coding.
  • Best practice design phases for organizations planning case-based application development.

7 Things to Know When Choosing a Case Management Solution

This Evaluation Guide helps you compare and separate true intelligent case management platforms from BPM systems and other solutions that offer a lot on the surface, but very little underneath.
  • The seven critical capabilities of intelligent case management
  • What technical questions to ask of all vendor solutions
  • Which solution is right for you

15 Minute Guide: Improving Worker Productivity With Case Management

Learn how case management can help you reap the benefits of automation in environments where people, information, and process collide—dramatically improving workflow and worker productivity. Download this 15-Minute Guide and learn:
  • The 4 secrets to improving knowledge worker productivity
  • The 3 common characteristics of case-based processing
  • How real customers benefit from intelligent case management

Business Process Management For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition

Are you ready to tackle Business Process Management (BPM) for your enterprise? Do you want to improve efficiency, enhance agility, and also be more profitable? If so, you've come to the right place.

BPM is an approach toward managing how an organization operates so it better meets the needs of clients. BPM enables organizations to be more efficient and more capable of change. BPM is exactly what your organization needs to meet the challenges of the modern business climate.

Smarter Business Planning & Transformation

For decades, corporate executives and department managers have complained about the frequent budget overruns and schedule delays of complex IT business planning and transformation projects. The fact that these costly undertakings often fall short of providing the expected business objectives only serves to increase their frustration. Underlying causes include the complexities of modern organizations, intricacy and size of applications, as well as miscommunication between business, operational and IT experts who each speak their own jargon.

Creating Agile BPM

Organizations today need to drive growth while optimizing costs, improving efficiency, and achieving greater business agility. Agile BPM helps best-in-class organizations achieve business results by addressing requirements for continuous process optimization, collaborative process workflows to support team-based initiatives, and to extend business processes beyond the enterprise. Download this white paper to learn tips and best practices for implementing Agile BPM in your organization.

11 Habits for Highly Successful BPM Programs

The culture of an organization is a collection of habits, and habits have a powerful effect in business performance. Driving long-term business benefit and success with Business Process Management (BPM) often times requires companies to develop new and maintain existing habits.
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