Why is Business Architecture Important to IT Delivery?

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Gregg Rock interviews Ed Hunt in November 2021.

GR: The question I have for you is, why is business architecture so important to IT delivery?

EH: Well that is obviously an important question. Today's businesses are a collection of independent, complex operations organized to provide value to the customer. And, each business entity is competing within the larger business ecosystem in order to offer a unique value proposition and then remain relevant to the market.

No longer are we just audit using technology to automate existing process document and automate existing processing, we're using it to drive transformation. And, as I like to say the transformed organization, by definition, doesn't exist.

We have to convert from de-scribing to pre-scribing, and that’s the critical role of the business architect.

GR: Excellent. Thank you so much for that Ed. I think lots of individuals turn to us to get that baseline education around business architecture, so do you have a recommendation on how folks can get started?

EH: Well, I think the BA Institute's Business Architecture 101 class provides a great and outstanding baseline to begin that education.


Relevant Courses: BA 101Building a Business Architecture: Part 1Building a Business Architecture: Part 2Launching Your Business Architecture Practice

Relevant Certificate: Business Architecture Professional Certificate (BAIP)


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