What is Business Architecture?

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Gregg Rock interviews Ed Hunt in November 2021.

GR: Ed, how would you explain business architecture to somebody that's just coming, brand new, to the space?

EH: That’s a great question. The BA Institute defines business architecture in a very important way: It's a holistic view of the enterprise, it's not just the one part, but the whole thing. And that view integrates and aligns capabilities and the BA Institute's defines capabilities as people, process, tools, and information.

What's important about business architecture is that it uses models and blueprints of the business to facilitate decision making and help an organization take their strategy from vision, all the way through to execution.

Business architecture also enables the key stakeholders across the organization, at all levels, to align the purpose, mission, vision, strategy, and execution and the models are the tools that make that happen.

GR: I think a lot of organizations these days are certainly trying to move faster and quicker to respond to market conditions and I think all the things that you've laid out there are certainly things that would help organizations to do that. So, thank you for giving everybody that baseline definition.

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