How Does Business Architecture Improve Business Outcomes?

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Gregg Rock interviews Ed Hunt in November 2021.

GR: How does business architecture improve business outcomes?

EH: That’s another very important question, Gregg. Business architecture doesn't define strategy, but it is often a key enabler to enhance and extend it.

In addition to closing gaps in the requirements by using models and to improve communication, business architecture practices enhance and enable the strategy by maximizing the investment in technology. Sometimes that's through establishing common services, understanding that these capabilities can be used and leveraged across the organization, but they also play a critical role in understanding how to apply the new technology in a way that's specific to the operational complexity of this business, in a way that increases operational efficiency, and in a way that drives customer satisfaction.

GR: Awesome, thank you for that. I also appreciate your efforts in the creation of the new Business Architecture 101 class.

EH: I'm looking forward to is. Business architecture is really critical to the success of organizations who are seeking to drive digital transformation.


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