How Does Business Architecture Enable Execution?

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Gregg Rock interviews Ed Hunt in November 2021.

GR: ED, you brought up a great topic the other day when we were speaking and I thought we'd circle back to share that information with our community. We were talking about the essential elements to enable execution, and you described it as three legs of a stool—can you explain that concept to our members?

EH: If you look at what it what it takes to execute a complex digital transformation, organizations understand and appreciate the need for technical architects. We're using new tools, and we need experts in those technologies—that's been the case for 40+ years now. And, organizations have deep capability in program management—they understand that resources have to be managed, schedules have to be aligned, risks have to be managed—but in too many organizations, the focus on business architecture is the gap, which is the third leg of the stool.

And with the third leg, when those three organizations are working collaboratively, when the business architecture is understanding the operational complexity of the business in defining that solution, then you have an excellent chance of succeeding. And the technologists, who are the experts in the tools, understand what the business goal is and can keep their efforts aligned to that activity.

GR: So, three powerful areas: program management, technical architecture, and business architecture. If you have those three working together, you can make some progress.

EH: You can’t lose.


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