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Price: $9,500

Give your people what they need to help your business succeed - without blowing your budget. Give them access to content and training. Enable their innovation with the latest courses and opportunities to collaborate. And give them the flexibility to expand their knowledge online, on demand, or in person.

Increase visibility and collaboration
Each company receives a private discussion group, so you can locate hidden resources and collaborate with other practitioners across your organization. You and your team can also network with the larger community of professionals at hundreds of companies around the world.

Discounts that drive education
The specialized training you need has never been more affordable. Join as a Corporate Member to receive our most preferred pricing of between 15 and 25 percent discounts on all purchases - while providing flexible options that meet your unique educational needs.

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Two ways to become a Corporate Sponsor

Purchase the Corporate Package

  • (8) 1-Day Training Courses
  • (8) Professional Memberships
  • (8) Innovation Workshops
  • Private Corporate Group in Community

This package is valued at $12,750.

Earn Corporate Sponsorship

Spend $9,500 within a twelve month period on the following items and your company earns a Corporate Sponsorship for year.

  • Training Courses
    • Face-to-Face
    • On-Demand
    • Live Online
    • Private Live Online
    • In-House/Custom
  • Memberships
    • Premium
    • Professional
  • Innovation Workshops



Custom Packages Available

Call us for a consultation on your unique set of requirements and we will design a Corporate Sponsor package for you.


Price: Starts at $9,500

  • Purchase the Sponsor Package above online (valued at $12,750)
  • Or call us to discuss your requirements: 508-475-0475, x15.
  • Email

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Your company may be one of the hundreds of international organizations who have already joined as a Corporate Sponsor. Click here to see - and take advantage of a lower membership rate, discounts on training, and private corporate discussion groups to better collaborate with other practitioners in your company.

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Each employee receives $1,700+ in benefits:

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