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Meet the Author: Daniel Morris and Keith Leust, Business and Digital Transformation in the Age of Hyperautomation

Tune into this webcast as authors Dan Morris and Keith Leust discuss their new book, 'Business and Digital Transformation in the Age of Hyperautomation'. They will join Gregg Rock in discussing how the world of Hyperautomation is quickly changing and they will explore the impact of Hyperautomation on business and digital transformation.

Hyperautomation is a grouping of advanced application generation tool platforms that are changing every aspect of business, how companies interact with one another and their customers, and how they innovate. These technologies include iBPM, RPA, Ai, Natural Language Processing, IOT, cognitive computing, and more. 

These technologies are not new, but they have matured and solutions are being built by combining their capabilities. These capabilities are also being augmented by advanced technologies such as 3D printing, holographic imaging, robotics, autonomous vehicles, advanced batteries, new sensors technology, and much more. 

This book is about these hyper technologies and how they can be leveraged as the foundation for a new type of collaborative transformation - Hypertransformation.

This e-book will be free to download for everyone who registers for this webcast

Check out this additional article about Hyperautomation written by Dan Morris


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