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Richard Hillier
posted 2 years 51 weeks ago

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Thanks for the comment (Clive Hardisty). I see The Business & Operating Models as logically part of Strategic Planning hence are an input to the EA & BA (as described in the Architecture & Planning section). As the definition & content of Bus / Op. Models varies so much, I tend to just refer to "Strategy" irrespective of how it is formulated. The subject of the EA is the actual operational enterprise in it's environment, rather than any top-down model of it - a subtle but important distinction. For instance, the 10,000 customer interactions per minute on the web are of more interest architecturally than the higher level but monthly activity to set product prices for all sales (including the web). Modern business enterprises are, as a rule, integrated by the exchange of info. using IT, Hence the overall techno-centricity. My complex Bus. Arch. views do though allow any & all aspects to be described e.g. a Value Stream describes an end-to-end invocation of multiple processes. Value chains & a full "capability model" view also fit in here. I distinguish planning & architecture so it's business planning which defines a capability in total considering those things "under architectural control" (see section) and those things which aren't (people, other technology, buildings, vehicles etc). I may clarify some points on this in a future version.


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