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Clive Hardisty
posted 3 years 1 day ago

Business Architecture Depiction

Whilst the depiction shows some accurate relationships between some of the parts of Architecture, it doesn't provide an effective framework to depict the Business Architecture. The model is too technology centric and needs to evolve. From my experience the Business Architecture must stem from the Business and Operating Models within their environment to enable context. Starting lower fails the top down design principle which Id suggest is critical for many reasons I shan't go into here. The macro and micro models are not the same. The workflow or dynamic relationships from those models, i.e. Business and Operating actually occur between Capabilities. Essentially, and initially based on strategy, its a capability configuration that enables you to plan, do, check and act on your business model. The macro models start with the identification of Capabilities and then their interaction to deliver outcomes across one or more value chains. Doing this at a top level also ensures you can assess the outcomes across your value chain. Each of those Capabilities can then address the pillars you have defined such as Organisation, Process, Information and Tools (including IT but not limited to it) in a given location. Doing so enables structural integrity as you unpack your models and simplifies the entire process into the micro models which comprise the pillars you have identified (aka different views ) and more.


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