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Alexander Samarin
posted 7 years 25 weeks ago

I think, I can offer several

I think, I can offer several building blocks for the EBAF. RE “First it has to be business-oriented. It should be about business outcomes. …set of core and supporting business capabilities that operationalize the strategy where strategy can emanate from the top and from down in the trenches. EBAF should be able to capture these and show clear traceability to business outcomes.”
It is necessary to combine “action chain” ( ) and “result chain” ( ). RE “Second, this new framework has to be customer-centric. Customer is still king in this day and age. … It’s no secret that small to large organizations sustain profits or expand quality services by simply meeting and anticipating the basic needs of their stakeholders.”
Customer experience must be considered as a process ( ). Maybe your illustration with three circles should be revised. Also the whole enterprise is to be considered as a system of processes ( ). Note: BPM is defined in Target characteristics:
Dynamic vs static – YES, because all processes are explicit and executable (“What you see is what you execute” or “The map is the app”)
Actionable vs illustrative – YES for the same reason as above
Business lingo vs techno-speak YES for the same reason as above Thanks,


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