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Drew Guitarte
posted 7 years 25 weeks ago

Thank you Christopher for

Thank you Christopher for your comments. The sample EBAF is simply that, an example of what can possibly be an actionable document. The colors can indicate the health/status of the highlighted element, which can be a spin from your regular "heatmap" while the arrows may indicate a trend from a temporal standpoint. One can also indicate traceability between elements (say, strategy to technology-enabled solutions) by grouping these items much like a "slice" in a pie chart. And so on. This one-pager is a good starting point to combine what we normally see in executive dashboards (think Balanced Scorecard for instance) as well the overall "blueprint of the enterprise" that business architecture avidly espouses. Of course there's a lot more nuisance that you can think of to improve what is posited here in the limited space available. Any comments to improve the rigor of this novel concept can be good material for a future article. Would love to hear more from you & other readers online & offline.


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