Simona Lovin



Crowdsourcing Considerations for Business Architects

1. The Real World Architects (i.e., building architects) have been grappling for a long time with the challenge of making architecture accessible to the general public, both as a form of artistic expression and as a practical discipline rooted in utilitarian considerations. What they have found is...

Disruption, Innovation and the Art of Business Architecture

Over the past decade, the Business Architecture community of practice has built a firm foundation of methods, practices and tools that allow organizations to map their place in the business world, assess the viability of their capabilities, and chart a course towards their future. And yet, Business...

The Business Architect’s Journey: Top-Three Qualities for Success

Picture this scenario: You are brimming with excitement as you start your engagement with a brand-new client - a client who had persuasively spoken to you their company’s capability-driven approach to architecture and its commitment to building a Business Architecture competency. A client who, in...

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