Dr. Andrew Guitarte, PMP, CBAP, PMI-ACP, CIP



Business Capability Redefined According to SMACT

Innovate or die. That is the mantra of successful organizations that compete in a fast-transforming digital world. Those who harness social media, mobile, analytics, cloud computing, and Internet of things (SMACT) to digitize the business win in the marketplace. Those who don’t, lose. It is a wild...

Business Architects Are Data Scientists

A 2015 McKinsey report states that advanced analytics will be used three times more often in 2020 than today. That’s just 4 years from now. The report also states that insight-driven companies out-perform peers. But the trick lies in not just distinguishing relevant from irrelevant data or...

Responsive Business Architecture

Responsive web design is fast becoming a mantra in the digital media design.  The idea is to create compelling experiences that adeptly respond to how a person interacts with digital media. It doesn’t matter what device I use to browse an electronic commerce website; the form and content...

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