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  • Certificate of Completion: Receive a Certificate of Completion for each course you take.
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Topic Dates
Course Title Topics Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
BA 101 BA2/7-84/4-57/11-12 10/11-12
Building a Business Architecture BA2/14-155/23-247/18-19 10/17-18
Launching Your Business Architecture Practice BA2/28-3/15/318/1-2 11/14-15
Establishing Business Architecture Governance and Centers of Excellence BA3/7-86/138/8-9 11/28-29
The Business Architecture Playbook BA3/14-156/148/22-23 12/5-6
Business Architecture / IT Architecture Alignment BA3/21-226/208/29-30 12/12-13
Digital Business 101 BA 5/9-107/25-26 10/24-25
Design Thinking Applied BA 5/16-178/1-2 11/14-15
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) BA 5/23-248/8-9 11/28-29
Digital Customer Experience BA 5/31-6/18/22-23 12/5-6
BPM 101 BPM2/5-64/2-37/9-10 10/9-10
Process Modeling, Analysis and Design: As Is, To Be BPM2/12-134/9-107/16-17 10/15-16
Process Measurement and Metrics BPM2/20-215/7-87/23-24 10/22-23
Establishing Business Process Governance & Centers of Excellence BPM2/26-275/14-157/30-31 11/12-13
Process Modeling With BPMN BPM3/19-205/21-228/6-7 11/26-27
Methodologies and Approaches for BPM BPM3/5-66/4-58/27-28 12/10-11
Advanced Facilitation Skills BPM3/26-276/11-129/10-11 12/17-18
Organizational Change Management BPM3/28-296/13-149/12-13 12/19-20
Customer Experience Modeling, Analysis and Design BPM3/12-135/29-308/20-21 12/3-4
Agile Business Analysis 101 BPM2/54/27/9 10/9
The Agile Business Analyst BPM2/124/97/16 10/15
The Practice of Agile Business Analysis BPM2/20-215/7-87/23-24 10/22-23
OpEx 101 BPM2/22-235/9-107/25-26 10/24-25
Lean Six Sigma and BPM BPM2/28-3/15/16-178/1-2 11/14-15
Lean Tools in Action BPM3/14-155/31-6/18/22-23 12/12-13
OpEx Tools of the Trade BPM3/21-226/6-78/29-30 12/12-13
Decision Management and Business Rules 101 BPM2/7-84/4-57/11-12 10/10-11
Improving Decisions with Predictive Analytics BPM2/14-154/11-127/18-19 10/17-18
Decision Modeling With DMN BPM3/12-135/29-308/20-21 12/3-4
Value Stream Mapping BPM    

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