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Practice-Based Business Architecture

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from 9AM to 5PM
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It takes one set of skills to establish your business architecture but it takes another set of skills to leverage that business architecture for strategic planning, business design efforts, project deployment and governance. This course provides attendees with practice-based business architecture concepts and skills. This includes extending the basic business architecture through strategy, product, initiative and stakeholder mapping. The course also discusses how to leverage business architecture to benefit related disciplines including business modeling, Lean Six Sigma, business process management and case management. The scenarios and case studies in this course offer practical guidelines on how to leverage business architecture when you return to work. Finally, the course offers advanced guidelines for governing your business architecture.

Course Outline:

I. Practice-Based Business Architecture: An Introduction
This module introduces the practice of business architecture and various discussion topics for the course. In addition, it recaps definitions, benefits and usage examples and foundational concepts introduced in €œBuilding a Business Architecture€. Finally this module provides a preview of the practice-based business architecture topics delivered in this course.

II. Strategy Mapping & Business Model Alignment
Two important concepts are addressed in this module: strategy mapping and the alignment of business model frameworks and business architecture.

III. Product Mapping, Initiative Mapping & Stakeholder Mapping
This model extends blueprint mapping to include products and services, initiatives and stakeholders.

IV. Business Architecture Business Process Alignment
This module aligns business architecture with business process management and Lean Six Sigma so attendees can leverage business architecture in conjunction with these commonly used business disciplines.

V. Business Architecture, Case Management & Dynamic Rules Based Routing
This module discusses the how to leverage business architecture in a case management environment and also introduces the use dynamic rules based routing as a business design technique within case management.

VI. Business Architecture Usage Scenarios & Case Studies
This module walks attendees through various usage scenarios and includes case studies that the attendees can exercise to further what they have learned.

VII. Establishing & Managing a Business Architecture Practice
This final module provides guidelines for setting up a robust business architecture practice and offers multiple options based on organization structure and requirements. This module concludes with a walkthrough of a business architecture maturity model.

Unique Value of Course:


  • Move beyond the basics to fully incorporate business architecture across a variety or business scenarios and requirements
  • Extend business architecture blueprint mapping by building on foundational concepts
  • Incorporate business architecture into strategic planning and business model alignment
  • Align business architecture with process management, Lean Six Sigma and case management to achieve the cumulative benefits that can be achieved through coordinated use of these disciplines
  • Apply what has been learned across various business scenarios
  • Learn industry accepted approaches for establishing and governing business architecture including how to setup and manage a team

Who Should Attend:

  • Business architects
  • Business analysts
  • Business managers and executives
  • Enterprise architects
  • Program and portfolio managers
  • Business strategists
  • IT architects and executives who need to engage with business architecture
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