What is a “value stream stage” and what is its purpose?

Posted by Ralph Whittle on Friday, February 24, 2012 - 11:01

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This term is defined in the Business Architecture Glossary located at: http://www.businessarchitectureguild.org/Resources/Documents/Appendix-A_...

It defines a value stream stage (found under “stage”) as “A distinct, identifiable phase or step within a value stream that has a unique name, entrance criteria, exit criteria, and identifiable participating stakeholder(s).”

This text implies that it describes the flow of one business process to another, by using the words “step within a value stream”. With the existing understanding of business processes flowing between one another within a value stream, why is this term necessary? And by the way, a Google search lists only a very few references to the term “value stream stage.” It seems to be rather new!


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Larry Bradshaw
posted 2 years 33 weeks ago
Hmm. I'm trying to put these concepts together also. We are using the object/concept of a Business Function has contains high-level business processes. We have define a Business Function as a specific set of actions or activities for which an organization is responsible. (from Troux Business Portfolio). One or more Business Functions provide one or more Business Capabilities. When I start to think of Value Streams and what I've gleaned about them, they are a collection of value stages that when strung together from beginning to end provide value to the customer. I'm feeling that value stages is just another word for Business Function, since I believe both contain are made up of a decomposed list of high-level business processes. Would this be a correct interpretation?
Pearl Zhu
posted 5 years 9 weeks ago
Interesting thinking, so the purpose of business is to create a customer, it does make sense on Value Stream as An end-to-end collection of activities that create a result for a customer, who may be the ultimate customer or an internal end-user of the value stream, and value stream stage is the phase or step within a value stream, if BPM is to manage knowing from flowing, does value stream stage helps define process boundary, or it's the term not been practiced frequently. thanks/

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